Welcome to Comics and Pop: Comic Book and Pop Culture Discussions, Debates, and Reviews

Welcome to Comics and Pop!  Unlike other websites, not only will we be reviewing the latest and greatest newly released comic books but we will cover burgeoning pop culture topics (TV, Movies, Electronics, Video Games, Collectibles, Craft Beers, Facial Hair, etc.).  Our team of writers decided to start this blog after the numerous lively debates and discussions we have had over the years (and over some beers) regarding timeless debates such as Star Trek vs Star Wars, Playstation vs Xbox, Mortal Combat vs Street Fighter, Marvel vs DC, and “Who would win in a fight between…”.  Our site will provide the most recent updates on breaking comic book-related movie, TV, and book news.  We also will provide analysis and discussion on comic book lore, discuss comic book canon, and from time to time posit our own “What if” comic book scenarios.

In 2015, we will have a on-site report at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas (6-9 Jan).  We also will be covering major comic book and pop culture conventions such as Wonder Con, San Diego Comic Con, Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, Blizzcon, and much more.  We are located in San Diego.  Besides being home to one of the greatest pop culture meccas in the world the San Diego Comic Con, affectionately known as “The Con,” our team is also situated in the heart of the craft brew industry.  As such, we will provide our readers with beer reviews of not only our local craft beers, but reviews of the best craft brews we can get our hands on.  Perhaps even suggest a good IPA to be paired with your favorite issue of the Amazing Spider-Man or The Walking Dead.  Our crack staff will also provide you with updates on and reviews of the latest and greatest tech gadgets available from smartphones to data streaming technologies.  Also as gaming aficionados, we will provide reviews on the biggest/most notable games on the various consoles, PCs, and mobile platforms.  Our team is passionate about pop culture and comics books.  We will have lively debates in which we encourage your participation.  This site is meant for fans of comic books and pop culture.  Please make this site be one which you can come to for your latest comic book and comic book movie news, comic reviews, and general pop culture info as well as a site for a good laugh, a lively debate, or simply as a refuge to escape the chaos of everyday life.

Welcome to ComicsandPop.com!!!


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