Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 Preview

A lot of hype has been expected – yet again – for the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2015. This will be the 28th year that the show will be presented in Las Vegas; and many veterans will be attending, again, this year. Some of the notoriously amazing breakthroughs to expect have to do with the new HDTV standard – now off-the-shelf at 8K. Intel hopes to show off their new flagship CPU architecture, and turn some heads with Broadwell. It is looking like some new contenders will be demonstrating new ways to wirelessly power devices; this is notably interesting since in previous years, such projects were only in their prototype phase; very curious to see what types of off-the-shelf products will result after the maturation of this technology.

As far as some of the bigger tech-giants go, Sony plans to show off their new line of Xperia Mobile Devices – alongside, Samsung’s lineup of Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab, and more should dazzle the anticipated crowd of 150,000+. Samsung seems to promise more of a focus on their myriad technology devices this year, instead of having celebrities steal the show (as has been the case the last 2 years). LG? Well, they will pretty much behave similarly to Samsung with their booth – as this usually is what previous years have been like.

Beyond is the National Science Foundation (NSF) experiments that might become great inventions one day. Obviously, none of this content is being revealed before the show; but if it is anything like the devices in previous years: namely, Virtual Reality enhancements, tricks with cellphone audio control buttons, etc. – this section of the show will continue to not disappoint new and old CES attendees.

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