DC versus Marvel Comic Books: Revisited 20 Years Later

imageimageToday’s topic is Dc Universe vs Marvel. It is coming up for the 20 year anniversary of the comic book series of the clash of the two universes.  I would like to discuss some of the match ups that I’d love to see if they were ever to come out with another cross-over event between the two universes.  I would also like to talk a little about the match ups in this series I liked or didn’t like or agree on.
Match-Ups They Should Have Had: Superman vs Gladiator (Kallark) from the Shi’ar guards. Originally in the DC v Marvel series, Superman was paired against the Incredible Hulk; however, I think that fight would of been a lot better if Superman’s opponent was Gladiator.  Why? Gladiator is pretty much a mirror of Superman. They both have super strength, heat vision, cold breathe, and both can fly.  Still I give the edge to Superman.  Superman has the will and determination to protect the Earth and the people he cares about. The Gladiator does not have that same people for others.  Victory goes to Superman, enough said, the first and Greatest super hero ever.
Match-Ups They Got Right: Thor vs Captain Marvel (Shazam).  I think the match up between Thor and Captain Marvel(Shazam) was a great one. Both have God-like powers with the abilities to  control lightning, fly and have super strength. I was alright with the outcome with Thor as the winner. It really could have gone anyway. I’m a real fan of both heroes, so I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing a re-match.
One-Sided Match-ups The Flash and Quicksilver was a terrible Match up. There was no way that Quicksilver could ever beat the Flash. Reason why is that the Flash can run at the speed of light which is 671 million mph when Quicksilver can run at top speed of Mach 10 which is 7,000 mph due to the High Evolutionary’s Isotope E. In my opinion, there is no way that Quicksilver can ever beat the Flash. It doesn’t matter which Flash (Wally West, Barry Allen) challenges Quicksilver, the outcome would be the same. We can go around and around with this debate but when it comes down to it the Flash kicked Quicksilver’s butt.
Best Match-Up I really liked the Batman vs Captain America battle. I know it came to a draw, which I was fine with.  But, when I come to think of it, I too couldn’t really pick a definitive winner.  Consider this, Batman is great at hand-to-hand combat as well as a great tactician. He’s also a walking arsenal, with his batbelt. Now as for Captain America, he, too, is a great hand-to-hand specialist. He also has his shield which is almost indestructible due to being made of Vibranium. Don’t forget the super serum, which gives him enhanced strength enabling him to lift up to 800 lbs., have super speed,  and the ability to heal faster than a normal human.  Besides fighting ability, I think that Batman and Captain America are evenly matched except for Cap’s strength, so it can go either way.
Worst Match-Up The worst match up was Storm vs Wonder Woman, in which Storm won. No way!!  Wonder Woman is so much superior to Storm in every way. Wonder Woman is a better fighter, plus she has superhuman strength, superhuman speed, high durability, flight etc.  This was in no way a fair fight.  There was no competition.  Instead, they should have Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) or even Rogue after she permanently absorbs Ms. Marvel powers. Either of those would of been better match ups for the likes of Wonder Woman. I could go on and on regarding the match-ups between the two universes. I would like to here other peoples opinions on it.  I just gave some match-ups from the original series 20 years ago.  Hope to hear from other comic book fans who like the clash of DC Universe and Marvel Universe.  Let us know what you thoughts are on the original match-ups.  Do you agree with the results or what would you have predicted?  Also let us know what match-ups you’d like to see if DC’s and Marvel’s Universes collide once again. 

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