[UPDATE 01/05/2015] Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015

One day left before the CES 2015 becomes available to the public! This year’s theme has been determined – The Internet of Things. What does that mean? Basically, putting ubiquitously connected devices in front of you everywhere; namely, in the hot tub, all around your home – in those hard to reach areas, outside where you would not normally expect “The Internet” to work, and other places. Companies that now know this is the CES 2015 theme have a few ideas for the show.

One such company, Zepp, thinks that playing tennis might be one way to log results for a curious athlete. Another renowned company, Parrot (you know, makers of the AR Drone), feels the need for a new console to be installed into cars that allows for easier navigation of mobile devices, so a user is not in at much of risk of crashing. This seems to just be the beginning, since home automation has taken better focus when compared to previous years at CES.

The Internet of Things has also managed to find innovative way into the kitchen. One of the devices, the Smart Kettle, allows you to have boiling water before you wake up in the morning (by Smarter). There is also the Invoxia concept of a smart refrigerator magnet that can act as a mechanism for phone calls, emails, etc… but acts excessively as one while stuck to the refrigerator.
So far, this is only a modicum of the coverage to expect this week from me.

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