The Flash (2014) Series

imageimage I just wanted to recap and give some of my thoughts on the CW Series The Flash. I really enjoyed the series so far and how it is building up to the death of Barry’s mother. I also like how they incorporated some of the original cast from the 1990’s Series The Flash. For example John Wesley Shipp who was the Flash in the 1990’s series, who now is playing Barry Allen’s father. Also Amanda Pays who is returning as Dr. Tina McGee. The only thing I have a problem with is the Reverse Flash or Professor Zoom. I know they showed professor wells as the Reverse Flash but in the comics and animated series the reverse Flash is Eobard Thawne who is Eddie Thawne. I’m not sure where they are going with this but I guess we have to wait and see.
The special effects in this series, I think is very well done. Also all the villains they are coming out with is pretty good. I also enjoyed the crossover with Arrow. I think they should do a lot more crossovers with other super hero characters. Maybe a guest appearance from Tom Welling as Superman. Who knows?
So far the I really enjoy the series. Great mid-season Finale and a great cast. Can’t wait for it to start up again on January 20th 2015. Till next time.

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