Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis

image Can’t wait for the new JLA animated movie to come out. So far, all the DC animated movies that came out so far was a great hit. I wish they came out with these animated movies more frequently without so much of a wait in between each one.
As for JLA: Throne Of Atlantis, it takes place right after the defeat of Darkseid. As the earth seems at peace there is a disturbance in the deep blue sea. The King of Atlantis is killed and the Atlanteans attack Gotham and Metropolis who is lead by Ocean Master. The Queen Of Atlantis searches for her other son, Arthur Curry, who later takes the name Aquaman. Arthur has no idea of his Atlantean heritage but knew something was different of him. Being half human and half Atlantean, Arthur discovers he has special powers such as super strength, can breathe underwater just like humans breathe air, talk to all sealife telepathically, increased stamina and durability to injury. As it comes down to it, it’s brother vs brother and with the help of the Justice League we shall see if earth will fall to the Atlanteans or will justice prevail. Release date is January 27, 2015. Can’t wait.

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