CES 2015 Review: Automobiles (part 1)

There was quite some pretty eye candy when it came to automobiles that were displayed at CES 2015 booth.  Below are some of the cool pictures taken:

automobile2c automobile2e automobile2f
Panasonic must have needed a lot of attention; they were persuasive with getting the new Tesla Model X in their booth.

automobile3a   automobile3d
Mercedes has a nice self-driving concept car at its booth.  It was so fantastic, it even was a nominee for the Best of CES 2015 Award


I have this fetish of taking a picture of every McLaren that I ever encounter in real life.


automobile1 automobile1b
Go Pro lit up their booth with an Old School BMW – painted to match their insignia’s colors.

Looks like something from Europe, or something the billionaire from Silicon Valley would drive.


automobiles8a automobiles8b
Orion High Precision Car Audio showing how superfluous one can be with their products in cars (assuming a Jeep owner).

Cars were not all of the fun at CES 2015; keep checking back on the comicsandpop blog, in coming days, for more entries on CES 2015.


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