Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman_Arkham_Knight_Cover_Art The release of the next installment of the Batman Arkham series is very exciting. So far all the Batman games was great, while each installment getting better and better. Also Kevin Conroy is returning as the voice of Batman.
The story line is about Scarecrow gathering all of Batman’s worst enemies together to kill him. Will you have the skill and courage to spoil Scarecrow’s plan and take your enemies down. We shall see.
This game has some new features, which is  “Fear Takedown”, in which Batman can take down three enemies one after another and subdue them. The only way he can do this is not to be detected. The time will slow down after every take down so you are allowed to target the next bad guy.
Another feature is the use of the Batmobile. Which is very cool. Player has a 360 degree mobility movement. You can call the Batmobile at any time while you are on foot. You can also call the Batmobile to meet you at a certain spot while you are flying.
Prepare yourself for nonstop fist fighting action. Game will be released on June 2, 2015. Game on!!

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