Jurassic World

Jurassic-World-Summer-2015-Official-Trailer-Release-Date-Info-660x330 Jurassic World has been open and running for 10 years now, since the last Jurassic Park 22 years ago in 1993. Now off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica on the Island of Isla Nublar, Jurassic World is created which was originally envisioned by John Hammond.

jurassic-world3 Masrani Global Corporation are the owners of Jurassic World in which they are trying to increase their attendance volume by genetically creating a Indominus Rex, which is a modified hybrid dinosaur, but things does not go as planned and hybrid Rex gets loose on the Island and causes destruction. Now it’s up to the parks staff Owen(Chris Pratt) who is the park’s researcher for the Velociraptors to try and stop this rampaging dinosaurs. Graphics look amazing, can’t wait!! It sucks that it does not come to theatres till June 12, 2015. Well, hope to see you all at the movies.

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