Infamous First Light


Just finished “Infamous First Light”, which I enjoyed very much. The only problem I had with the game is that it was a little short. I’ve played the previous installments of “Infamous” and enjoyed them all. First Light had a good storyline.

This game takes place right before “Infamous Second Son”. A young girl named Abigail Walker who is a conduit who is held prisoner by the D.U.P. who is ran by Brooke Augustine. While in captive, Abigail is ordered to demonstrate her powers to Augustine. Abigail is filled with hatred towards Shane, a gang leader who is trying to take over Seattle. After finding out that Abigail had special powers, Shane kidnaps her older brother Brent and uses her to do some jobs for him in order to release her brother. Later on Abigail is drugged by Shane which causes Abigail to hallucinate and accidentally kills her brother Brent.

After given the choice from Augustine, if she would kill Shane if she was given the chance, Abigail is shown Shane who was captured by the D.U.P. and held prisoner. She ends up attacking Shane, who ends up escaping. So when Abigail catches up with Shane she ends up disintergrating Shane into thin air.

If you liked the other installments of Infamous I recommend this game to play. Have fun and game on.

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