The Marvel Legends Line is Officially BACK!!!! Preview of the 2015 Line

From 2002 – 2006, Toy Biz, the now defunct Marvel toy maker, put out what I felt was the most outstanding line of 6 inch Marvel figures to date. When Hasbro got the exclusive Marvel license and took over the Legends line in 2007, I felt that the new figures didn’t quite hold up to their Toy Biz predecessors. However, when Hasbro introduced their Marvel Legends Infinite Series in January 2014, the line went from so-so to amazing. Much of the improvement did come with the change in packaging. With Toy Biz figures, you have more of a collector’s piece. With the earlier Hasbro lines, you had unaesthetic packaging that looked like they were hanging from box store pegs along with all other toys.   Beside aesthetics, I think the notion to pout figures out with distinct themes helped. At San Diego Comic Con two years ago (2013) when Hasbro made the announcement at their Marvel toy panel, there were boos in the crowd. Nonetheless, in 2014, Hasbro started releases series based upcoming Marvel movie events. Hence, in we had two waves of Spider-Man figures (Ultimate Green Goblin Build-a-Figure (BAF) series) paired with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, two waves of Captain America (Mandroid BAF series), paired with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the X-Men (Jubilee BAF series), paired with X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Guardians of the Galaxy (Groot BAF series) paired with the movie of the same name. All four series line were deemed highly successful. During the SDCC last year at the Hasbro Marvel toy panel, the fan’s reactions were 180° from the year before. They were more than happy with Hasbro’s line. Consequently, Hasbro announced that the Infinite Series surpassed their expectations and that had many exciting things to come this year. They introduced 2 new Avengers lines (Odin BAF series – Wave 1 and Thanos BAF series – Wave 2). They also introduced other new figures from Spider-Man on the horizon such as Spider-Girl and Spider-Man 2099. The New York City Toy Fair just concluded and now we have come to learn what all is in store for Marvel Legend in 2015. Here’s a preview of Marvel Legends Infinite Series for 2015. For a more in-depth look at all the figures and reviews on each of the upcoming figures as they are released, check out the following website:


Ant-Man (Ultron Prime BAF series)

It is really no great surprise that there is an Ant-Man series being released, especially since the movie will be released later this year. What was surprising though was the little buzz it received until the NYC Toy Fair.




                       Ultron Prime BAF











Ant-Man (with Miniature Ant-Man and Flying Ant) – Scott Lang in Movie Suit



Wasp – Black and Gold


Giant Man (Avengers Academy outfit) – Hank Pym


Wrecking Crew’s Bulldozer




Grim Reaper


Spider-Man (Hobgoblin BAF series / Rhino BAF series)

While it was reported that the Hobgoblin BAF series was to come out in 2015, it was a big surprise to hear that a second wave would also be released (Rhino BAF series). First off the Hobgoblin BAF series features some really great figures.


Spider-Man Hobgoblin BAF (series 1):


Spider-Man (with multiple interchangeable hands and heads)




Spider-Man 2099


Ultimate Spider-Woman






Hobgoblin looks pretty sweet and the other spider-men/women in this series are must haves for my collection. Plus it was nice to get a new Daredevil brought into the Infinite Series.


For the Rhino BAF series, the Rhino figure is definitely a must have! Wow! It is very well done and is much welcomed after the mechanized Rhino that we all had to endure in ASM2. I love the fact the Misty Knight is now an action figure. Having Rhino and Kraven in this series makes me think we should begin to expect more classic Spidey foes in upcoming waves, such as Sandman, Mysterio, Doc Ock, Vulture, Classic Electro, Classic Green Goblin, and Scorpion. I would also love to see J Jonah Jameson, MJ, and Gwen as future figures. Lastly, with the recent Spider-Verse in the comic series, wouldn’t it be great to have Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Gwen, Silk, and Miles Morales as figures? Hasbro has a wealth of figures to choose from and with Spidey’s recent inclusion into the MCU, I see these figures selling nicely.


Spider-Man Rhino BAF Series (Wave 2)


Scarlet Spider-Man




Misty Knight


Superior Venom (Superior Spider-Man + Venom)


White Tiger


Ghost Rider


Marvel Avengers

By far the biggest line in 2015 will be the Avengers line in anticipation of what will likely be a huge movie this year. You may have heard of it, Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Hasbro has already released that their will be an exclusive 4 figure Amazon set featuring the movie versions of Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Bruce Banner, and a 3 figure Target exclusive set, featuring Ultron, the Hulk, and an all-white version of Vision.


Amazon Exclusive Set


Marvel-Legends-2015-Vision-Target-Exclusive-Figure-595x1024 Avengers-Marvel-Legends-Ultron-Target-Exclusive-3-Pack-Figure-525x1024 Avengers-Legends-Target-3-Pack-Hulk-Figure-Exclusive-640x812


If that isn’t enough, Wave 1 and Wave 2 are just now finding their way to our shelves. Wave 1 features the impressive Odin the Allfather BAF while Wave 2 features a Thanos BAF.


Odin the Allfather BAF series (Wave 1):


Classic Thor


Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)


Scarlet Witch




Machine Man


Classic Hawkeye


Iron Fist (white suit)




Thanos BAF series (Wave 2):


Captain America


Iron Man Mk 43


Incredible Hulk


Batroc the Leaper




Spider Woman


Hasbro just recently announced a third BAF line that will be released in 2015, the Hulkbuster BAF series. The Hulkbuster series includes:



Hulkbuster BAF series (Wave 3):




Dr. Strange








Marvel NOW! Iron Man


War Machine


Waves 1, 2, and 3 are all impressive. I love the Vision, Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel, Hellcat, Spider Woman, and Batroc figures. All have such great detail and are great additions to ones set.


Now that is quite an impressive Avengers line up. What we didn’t see though were Legends figures for Nick Fury, Phil Coulson, and Maria Hill. All three were previewed at SDCC 2014, so my guess is that it may be another Target exclusive 3-pack or possibly a Toys R Us exclusive. It is also interesting to note, that Avengers MCU newcomers, Scarlet Witch and Vision were each given new figures, but Quicksilver was omitted.

SDCC-2014-Hasbro-Marvel-Legends-Maria-Hill-Figure-Marvel-Legends-2015-Avengers-Wave-2-e1406428704758-640x651 SDCC-2014-Hasbro-Marvel-Legends-Avengers-Wave-2-Nick-Fury-Figure-Samuel-Jackson-e1406428687249-640x998 SDCC-2014-Marvel-Legends-Avengers-Agent-Phil-Coulson-Figure-2015-e1406428699743-640x394

Wrap Up

Hasbro really has stepped up their game. It will be great to see what figures they come up with next. Please let us know what figure you want to see Hasbro release in the comments below.



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