The Trooper (a stellar beer review!)

The team-up of music bands and alcohol brands is not a new idea.  AC/DC and Motorhead have both had some pretty well reviewed wines, and then there is the odd alignment of Jefferson’s Bourbon for the single barrel batch of Anthrax’s “Indians” whiskey (take that Cleveland).

AC-DC wineMotorhead-Shiraz


Back in May of 2013 global metal leaders Iron Maiden combined forces with world renowned Robinson’s Brewery for a premium English Ale based upon a recipe from lead singer, and human air-raid siren, Bruce Dickinson.  The beer called “The Trooper” takes its name from the Iron Maiden song of the same; referring to the ill-fated Charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War between the British and Russians in 1854.


Claiming subtle hints of lemon from a unique blend of Bobec, Goldings, and Cascade hops, this deep golden ale is balanced very well with just a hint of bitterness.

Now I know as much about beers as I know about art (just know what I like), and wouldn’t really consider myself an aficionado as there really has never been a beer I wouldn’t drink.  However, I can concede that there are certainly some beers that are better than others.  With the slew of IPA’s that have been flooding the market, I find this beer refreshing as it simply does not have that overpoweringly bitter hops flavor.  Bruce refers to this as a “traditional English pale ale”.

I will admit that being a Maiden fan is what drove me to seek this out originally.  Then I was completely taken aback by how much I actually liked this beer.  After more than a few visits to purchase the pint bottles, I contacted the store manager about purchasing in bulk!  …and can’t stand to even throw the bottles away…


So apparently I wasn’t the only enjoying this traditional English pale ale as Robinson Brewery announced they had moved 5 million pints since its release in March of 2013.  In fact, it has been so successful that in December of 2014 it was announced that The Trooper will be available in a 500ml tall boy can for the US market.


Looking at other reviews online, there does seem to be a clear consensus among both beer and Maiden fans alike, that this is indeed a top notch ale.  I would recommend everyone go out and try this, but then there might be less for me…

Currently, I am buying mine from the Frazier Farms in Vista, CA.  You can find dealers via the Trooper beer website:


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