Walking Dead Season 5 Ep. 10

Rick taking care of business.

Rick taking care of business.

The group is still grieving over the death of Beth and Tyreese, let a lone that there van breaks down and they are forced to travel on foot to Washington. Low on food and water the group pushes on. As they travel to Washington they are being followed by a hoard of walkers. Rick comes up with a to get rid of the walkers by pushing them over the bridge but Sasha ends up being reckless due to the death of her brother and take on the walkers herself. After the group defeats the walkers Michonne gets after Sasha for reckless actions. Later down the road the group finds some bottles of water sitting in the middle of the road with a note on it saying “A Friend”. Eugene grabs a bottle of water and Abraham slaps it out of his hand, and says that they cant trust it. It starts to rain and the group fills some empty bottles of water. But little do they know the rain ends up turning into a big storm. The group retreats to a nearby barn for cover that Daryl discovered when he went out to look for food and water. As the storm persists Daryl looks outside of the barn and see a herd of walkers headed there way. The group is forced to hold the barn doors close from the walkers. Next morning as the group look outside all of the walkers torn to pieces from the storm. As Maggie and Sasha take a walk to an open field they are approached by a guy named Aaron who wants to talk to the Rick.

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