Walking Dead Season 5 Ep. 11



This episode of the walking dead the group are sitting in the barn think of what to do next when Maggie and Sasha return with a guy named Aaron. Aaron tells the group that there is a safe zone called Alexandria. Aaron tries to convince the group that this place a good and safe place for them to live. He shows them pictures of Alexandria and tells them that no walkers can get inside of the safe zone unless they want them to. Rick, being the bad ass he is does not believe Aaron and knocks him out cold and ties him up. The group ends up searching his bag and finds a flare gun in it. Aaron explains to them that the flare gun was in case he gets in trouble his partner would know. He also explains that he has two cars close by just in case they would like to return with them to Alexandria. The group later comes to a decision to take up Aaron proposal and go with him to this safe zone on one condition, they take an alternate route. Aaron tells the group not to go that way because they have not cleared the route yet. As they travel to Alexandria the group ends up running into a herd of walkers and gets separated from the other half of the group. As the group rejoin each other and regroup. In the morning the group ends up at the front gates of Alexandria with a sign of relief.

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