Epic Elektra Ending

This final issue of the great Blackman/Mundo run with Elektra was released this week.  I’ve always found Elektra to be one of the most underrated characters in the Marvel canon.  All of the ongoing series have been superb, and the mini-series always fantastic.  The reveal of her being a Skrull is what kicked off “Secret Invasion”, and I found her “Dark Reign” story to be the best of the lot.  Most recently, she’s been featured in Thunderbolts with a romantic link with the Punisher (talk about a relationship destined to fail).

However, this most recent 11 issue run really impressed me.  I do not remember a poorly written issue in the run, and the art is some of the best out there.  Rather than to keep blathering, here are some of my favorite pages from the last year (not not going to include anything from the final issue!).





Best covers in 2014: Elektra, Deadpool, Thunderbolts


Pic below was by far my favorite page from this entire run.  As a long time Daredevil fan, it was heartbreaking to read this.  Shortly after this issue Matt moved to San Francisco…


Knowing the Elektra/Daredevil relationship, this cover is a monster!!


My 2nd favorite page in the series!


Lester is one bad dude…


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