Star Wars The Force Awakens

Rey, Finn, BB-8

Rey, Finn, BB-8

Chewbacca, Han Solo

Chewbacca, Han Solo

What can we say about this movie that nobody else has said about it already. ” GREAT ” movie!!! The hype was spot on and more. Actress Daisy Ridley (Rey) did a phenomenal job in the movie. She really sold the character and was on point. I think the only problem I had with the movie was that I wish they had more of Luke Skywalker. Great storyline, visual effects was right on, just such a good movie. Was excited that the original cast came back to make this Blockbuster a hit. Besides breaking all sorts of records at the Box office, overall this movie was ” AWSOME “!!! If you did not get a chance to see it, you have to get out there and watch one of the best movie of all time. Even if you are not a Star Wars fan it is a great movie for the family. Can’t wait for the other two installments to come out. It is going to be great. Just like to say bye to our fallen comrade. R.I.P. ” Han “. I’d like to hear some feedback about the movie. What do you guys like and dislike about the movie. Let us know. Enjoy!!!

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