Superman vs Batman: Dawn Of Justice


Batman,Superman,Wonder Woman

Batman,Superman,Wonder Woman

I thought the Superman vs Batman: Dawn Of Justice movie was very entertaining. It was slow in the beginning but picked up towards the middle. I liked the way they had the cameos for the Justice League. We had the first look at Cyborg,Aquaman,Flash and Wonder Woman.
I thought Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot was a good choice. I really enjoyed the fight scene she had with Doomsday. Now getting to Ben Affleck as Batman. I think he did a good job as the Dark Knight not a great performance but just good. Jesse Eisenderg as Lex Luthor was a little different. Lex seemed a little jumpy and high strung. Overall I think the movie was entertaining. I just hope the ” Justice League ” movie is not a bust because the DC universe needs something big to keep up with Marvel

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