Yu-Gi-Oh!:The Dark Side Dimensions


The world is in danger again and it is up to Yugi and his friends to save it again, in there final year of high school Yugi and his friends are deciding on what is in there future.
On the other side of the world it seems that Seto Kaiba is very determined to settle a score with the Pharaoh Atem. So Kaiba decided to retrieve the millennium Puzzle so he can bring Atem’s soul back for a final battle to decided who is the real champ. But it looks like that Kaiba is not the only one interested in the Millennium Puzzle. A new character named Diva challenges Kaiba to a duel and also steals 2 pices of the Millennium Puzzle. Diva aka (Aigami) ends up keeping one piece of the puzzle and gives the 2nd piece to his sister Sera who in return gives it to Yugi.

It seems that Diva aka Aigami is trying to get revenge on one of Yugi’s friends named Bakura. Aigami believes that Bakura killed Shadi, Aigami’s mentor. With the power of his Quantum Cube, Aigami transports Bakura to another dimension. Will Bakura return back to his dimension or will he be trapped there forever? Will Atem come back? Will Seto get his duel match against Atem? Will Yugi and his friends stop Aigami? All these question will be answered on January 20, 2107 when the movie will be released in the USA market. The animation is outstanding! Enjoy the sneak peek trailer!!

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