CES 2015 Review: Automobiles (part 1)

There was quite some pretty eye candy when it came to automobiles that were displayed at CES 2015 booth.  Below are some of the cool pictures taken:

automobile2c automobile2e automobile2f
Panasonic must have needed a lot of attention; they were persuasive with getting the new Tesla Model X in their booth.

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First Impressions from CES 2015

The first two days at CES 2015 have been very informative.  Some older vendors are still at the show with products ranging from selling drill bits to microelectronics that you would normally expect to be much bigger for the functionality they provide.  The knowledgeable individuals at the booth also were fantastic with describing the different technologies. Take a look at the pictures below! [Read more…]

[UPDATE 01/05/2015] Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015

One day left before the CES 2015 becomes available to the public! This year’s theme has been determined – The Internet of Things. What does that mean? Basically, putting ubiquitously connected devices in front of you everywhere; namely, in the hot tub, all around your home – in those hard to reach areas, outside where you would not normally expect “The Internet” to work, and other places. Companies that now know this is the CES 2015 theme have a few ideas for the show. [Read more…]

[UPDATE 12/15/2014] Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 Preview

Some exciting announcement additions happened over the weekend (and today) for the forthcoming CES 2015 event.  For the cheater carshow exhibition, BMW is announcing their automated i3 ¹ (more of an electronic?  or automobile?) – we should find out more about this self-parking apparatus in January.   [Read more…]

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 Preview

A lot of hype has been expected – yet again – for the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2015. This will be the 28th year that the show will be presented in Las Vegas; and many veterans will be attending, again, this year. Some of the notoriously amazing breakthroughs to expect have to do with the new HDTV standard – now off-the-shelf at 8K. Intel hopes to show off their new flagship CPU architecture, and turn some heads with Broadwell. It is looking like some new contenders will be demonstrating new ways to wirelessly power devices; this is notably interesting since in previous years, such projects were only in their prototype phase; very curious to see what types of off-the-shelf products will result after the maturation of this technology. [Read more…]