Justice League (2017)

For all you DC Universe fanatics, here is a sneak peek at the justice League movie which is to be released on November 16,2017.
The story goes as follows. Batman (aka Bruce Wayne) gathers a team of individuals with unique abilities to overcome a new enemy that threatens earth. His name is “Steppenwolf” and his army of Parademons. This will be the first half of a two part movie, in which the second release will be on June 14,2019. In my opinion I think this is a setup for the coming of Darseid which all of you DC fans already suspected.
I’m very excited to see how all these characters blend together. We have The Flash who is played by Ezra Miller, Cyborg, half man half machine played by Ray Fisher and Jason Momoa who is playing the king of the seven seas Aquaman. I hope you enjoy the trailer and I hope to see you at the movies.