DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow


Rip Hunter a time traveler goes back in time to stop a villain named Vandal Savage from destroying the world as well as time itself. So Rip ends up gather some of the worlds villains and superheroes and bring them together to stop the end of the world from Vandal Savage. Can these band of heroes and villains work together or will they fail. DC is really stepping it up. Excited to see this new series. Enjoy the trailer!!

Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts Movie

On May 12th, 2015 another epic DC Universe movie is coming to Blue-Ray and DVD. The Dark Knight returns to protect Gotham from crime which is caused by a villain squad known as the Animilitia. Batman Must put together a team of superheroes to stop the group Animilitia which consist of The Penguin, Killer Croc, Cheetah, Silverback and Man-Bat. If these villains wasn’t enough, the Penguin introduces his new invention of animal robots. Joining the fight to help Batman is The Flash, Green Arrow, Nightwing and Red Robin. Will the Dark Knight and Friends stop the rampage of villains and robotic animals and save Gotham? Will see!!!