Justice League (2017)

Enjoy the extended trailer of Justice League. Release Date November 17, 2017. See you at the Movies!!!

Justice League Dark (2016)


Looks like there is a new threat that is trying to take over the world and the Original Justice League may be powerless over. A new band of super heroes are called to take on this dark threat. Introducing Zatanna, Constantine, Swamp Thing and Etrigan the Demon. Are these new supernatural heroes have what it takes to stop this evil along with the original Justice League. This movie does not have a specific release date, all we know is that it will be released in the Fall of 2016. Hope you enjoy the trailer!!!

Justice League (2017)

For all you DC Universe fanatics, here is a sneak peek at the justice League movie which is to be released on November 16,2017.
The story goes as follows. Batman (aka Bruce Wayne) gathers a team of individuals with unique abilities to overcome a new enemy that threatens earth. His name is “Steppenwolf” and his army of Parademons. This will be the first half of a two part movie, in which the second release will be on June 14,2019. In my opinion I think this is a setup for the coming of Darseid which all of you DC fans already suspected.
I’m very excited to see how all these characters blend together. We have The Flash who is played by Ezra Miller, Cyborg, half man half machine played by Ray Fisher and Jason Momoa who is playing the king of the seven seas Aquaman. I hope you enjoy the trailer and I hope to see you at the movies.

Superman vs Batman: Dawn Of Justice


Batman,Superman,Wonder Woman

Batman,Superman,Wonder Woman

I thought the Superman vs Batman: Dawn Of Justice movie was very entertaining. It was slow in the beginning but picked up towards the middle. I liked the way they had the cameos for the Justice League. We had the first look at Cyborg,Aquaman,Flash and Wonder Woman.
I thought Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot was a good choice. I really enjoyed the fight scene she had with Doomsday. Now getting to Ben Affleck as Batman. I think he did a good job as the Dark Knight not a great performance but just good. Jesse Eisenderg as Lex Luthor was a little different. Lex seemed a little jumpy and high strung. Overall I think the movie was entertaining. I just hope the ” Justice League ” movie is not a bust because the DC universe needs something big to keep up with Marvel

Superman vs Batman Dawn Of Justice




New Superman vs Batman Dawn of justice trailer released. Sneek peek at the unstoppable Doomsday. Can’t wait until March 25, 2016 for the release of this blockbuster movie. I just hope that Ben Affleck does a decent acting job as the Dark Knight… Enjoy the trailer and hope to see you at the Movies!!!!

Justice League: Gods And Monsters


Seen Justice League: Gods and Monsters. Loved it but it was just weird seeing different characters as Superman, Batman and Wonder woman. It took a little to get use to. Overall the movie was great. DC did it again and hit one out of the park. If you did not see the movie I recommend you do. Here is the trailer the ones that did not get a chance to see the movie yet. Hopefully after you view the trailer you get pumped up to go out and see it. Enjoy!!!

Justice League: Gods And Monsters Chronicles

I’ve seen the 3 short stories of Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles. If you did not know this series that will lead into a full length movie with another 10 episodes being released before the movie.

The story is taken place in an alternate universe in which Batman’s name is Kirk Langstrom, a scientist who transforms himself into a blood sucking Vampire who feeds on criminals to satisfy his thirst.

Also Wonder Woman AKA Bekka who is the wife of New God Orion who is sent to Earth to aid her lover Steve Trevor against the organization ” Kobra ” and there super weapon ” Giganta “, a blue massive towering female robot.

Lastly Superman named Hernan Guerra in which his biological father is General Zod. Superman was shot to Earth in a rocket as a child and raised by a family of Mexican Immigrants. This story is taken place in Metropolis where Brainiac is destroying the city. President Amanda Waller is advised to order a nuclear strike on Brainiac who was created by the government to keep Superman and his powers in check. Superman rushes to the rescue and approaches Brainiac in which he discovers that Brainiac is a scared child who does not know who he is and does not know how to control his power. Brainiac begges Superman to stop him in which Superman ends up killing Brainiac with his heat vision.

Can’t wait till the full length movie come out. I think it is pretty cool to see a different side of the DC Universe. Enjoy the Movie shorts.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice


Here is a sneak peak at ” Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice “. Enjoy the trailer. Release date March 23 2016. See you at the movies.

Upcoming DC Movies in 2015

Batman vs Robin

Justice League: Gods And Monsters

There are two more DC movie installments for 2015 besides JLA: Throne Of Atlantis. The first movie is “Batman vs Robin”, which will feature the Court Of Owls. This story was written by Bruce Timm. Bruce is also going to direct the second movie “Justice League: gods And Monsters”.“Justice League: Gods and Monsters is going to show a darker side of our super heroes Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Can’t wait to see how these two movies play out. It’s going to be a good 2015 for the DC Universe.

JLA: Throne Of Atlantis Recap

image Just seen the new JLA: Throne Of Atlantis movie. DC is really putting out great animated movies. They introduced Henery Irons in the movie, for people who don’t know who that is, it is “Steel”. That was pretty cool. A lot of action, loved the storyline. While watching it, I was hoping that the movie would never end and just go into the next one. If you haven’t seen it yet, prepare yourself for a great one.